CNS Promise

Why we invite you to sign the Challenge North Staffs (CNS) Promise and to encourage others to do so as well

  • You will be helping to make CNS more widely known so that more victims are encouraged to report Hate incidents.
  • You will be supporting victims to report Hate Crime so that they no longer need to suffer in silence.
  • You will be demonstrating your solidarity with and supporting all those who suffer Hate Crime and Hate Incidents.
  • You will be helping CNS to raise the profile of Hate Crime in the North Staffs and to send out the message that Hate Crime will not be tolerated and will be treated seriously by all of the CNS partner organisations.
  • You will help to affirm the right of every individual, regardless of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief to be treated equally and fairly and to feel safe in our community.

The CNS Promise

I/We promise to endorse the mission and aims of CNS.

“Challenge North Staffs will work towards the elimination of hate incidents in North Staffordshire to enable all members of the community to live in peace, free from fear and from hate, abuse or discrimination”

A systematic reporting system for all incidents in the North Staffordshire area will enable Hate Crime incidents to be dealt with, and increasing public confidence in our new reporting mechanism will help victims to obtain the appropriate support in dealing with an incident.

  • I/We promise to promote CNS and the service it offers to the North Staffs Community, particularly to those who may be victims or potential victims of Hate Crime.
  • I/We promise to remain in contact
  • I/We promise to encourage victims or witnesses of hate incidents to report them or to report them on their behalf

In return, CNS promises to:

  • Support you in fulfilling this promise.
  • We will provide literature, including reporting forms and leaflets.
  • We will provide advice and information about the reporting process.
  • We will support and assist anyone wishing to use our reporting system.
  • We will give you an opportunity to raise issues to be discussed at our partnership meetings, and will provide feedback from those meetings.
  • You will be invited to attend the annual members’ conference.


As a representative of ____________________________________________________

(Please put name & address of Organisation above)

I affirm my organisations commitment to support the CNS Promise.


Signature _____________________ Date ___/___/____

Name (Please print) ____________________

Contact number ___________________ Email ________________

Please complete and return to: CNS, C/o Citizens Advice Staffordshire North & S-o-T, Cheapside,
Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 1HL

Thank you!