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Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought some crucial issues including UK police brutality/ abuse of powers, as well as racial discrimination at all levels, into the forefront of public discourse. It is important for us to reflect on how we, as CNS, can make black and minority ethnicity clients feel welcome and comfortable to use our services and disclose sensitive information.

We think of ourselves as an organisation committed to celebrating diversity and challenging discrimination, but there is always time for reflection. It is important that we always strive to make our service even more accessible and suitable for a diverse range of clients, and recognise where we could be doing better on this front.

A crucial point we want to make clear is the importance of reporting Hate Crimes in these times of tension and we want to make that as easy and comfortable as possible for our local black community.


Below are some important links from our partner agencies which offer more information on the Black Lives Matter movement:

Hope Not Hate:

National Police Chiefs Council:

Staffordshire Police:

The Sentinel:

Asylum Matters:

Asylum Matters have stated some points which help to encourage important and challenging conversations about race, privilege and justice in the charity sector and beyond:

Finally, please check out the Black Lives Matter Movement website for more ways you can help and for more information about the issues being faced.